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    XL Knitted Net Crochet Top FREE PATTERN

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    Revolutionize your style with this pretty frosted top. It is a classic style piece with long sleeves and a round neck. A wonderful wardrobe staple, wear it over a tank top to dress up a casual outfit during cold weather. Best of all, it’s in a large size! 


    ✅ Beige color, 4 balls.

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    ✅ Hook E-4.

    ✅ Tapestry needle.

    ✅ Paper, pencil, scissors and measuring tape.

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    ✅ Size 20.


    ✅ 18 Stitches x 8 rows: 4″/10 cm on pattern B – chart 2 = 3 motifs using hook E-4.

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    The front and back are worked simultaneously.

    Part 1 Start at the waist. Crochet in the round. Make 180 chains, close the round with 1 slip stitch.

    Rows 1-14: Follow drawing A – graph 1 = 30 motifs.

    Fold the piece in front and back. Knit the sides separately.

    Start shaping the armhole: Decrease 8 stitches on each side = 82 stitches for each panel (front and back).

    Part 2 Continuation of the back – knit from one side to the other.

    Follow pattern B on the 82 stitches on the back = 13 motifs (2 border stitches + 13 motifs + 2 border stitches). Dec 2 stitches on each side every 2 rows (13x) and 1 stitch (3x). 13″ from the beginning, cast off = 24 points. Continuation of the front – same as the backhand.

    Sleeves (x2) Crochet back and forth. 56 Chains.

    Follow chart B – pattern 2 and repeat the stitches (1 edge stitch – 9 motifs – 1 edge stitch) for 7.5 cm and start increasing 2 stitches on each side every 4 rows (6x) = 80 stitches. At 14.5″ from the beginning, begin shaping the armhole: Decrease 3 stitches on each side on each round (1x) and 2 stitches (15x) = 14 stitches. At 21.75″ from the start, finish off.

    Assembly and finishing

    Sew the raglan sleeves to the body with the tapestry needle and thread (7″) and close the sleeves (14.5″).

    Trim: Join the thread at the hem. Crochet in the round. Make 148 stitches and work in 1×1 repeat stitch – pattern 3 and repeat the stitches for 3.5″. Top off.

    Cuffs (x2): Join the thread at the bottom of the sleeve. Make round stitch.

    Make 42 stitches and work in 1×1 with edging stitch – pattern 3 and repeat stitches for 3.25″. Close.

    Neck: Join the strands at the neckline. Crochet in the round.

    Make 66 stitches and work in 1×1 in binding stitch – pattern 3 and repeat the stitches for 2″. Close.

    Crochet Net Top XL Pattern




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