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    Crochet Beer Hat with Design FREE PATTERN

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    If you are a beer and crochet lover, this tutorial is for you! In this article we will teach you how to make a hat with a crochet beer design, perfect to wear at any event related to this refreshing drink. This hat is very easy to make and you can personalize it with the colors and designs that you like the most.

    In addition, it is an original and fun gift for your beer-loving friends and family. Keep reading to learn the materials you will need and the steps to follow to make this fun hat with crochet beer design. It’s sure to become your favorite hat! 🍻🍻🍻

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    Beer Design Hat


    ✅ Pc: Cadena.

    ✅ Sc: Single crochet.

    ✅ Pa: High point.

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    ✅ Pr: Slip/slip stitch.


    ✅ Color Hepplewhite, 1 ball.

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    ✅ Color Gold, 1 ovillo.

    ✅ 5.5mm hook.

    ✅ 3 Pipe Cleaners.

    ✅ Sewing needle.


    ✅ This hat can be adapted to any size as you need.


    Hat: Start with White

    Round 1: Create a magic ring, 2 dc, 11 dc, join with a sl st on top of the first dc. (11)

    Round 2: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st} around, join (22)

    Round 3: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, dc} around, join (33)

    Round 4: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 2 dc} around, join (44)

    Round 5: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 10 dc} around, join (48)

    Round 6: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 11 dc} around, join (52)

    Round 7: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 12 dc} around, join (56)

    Round 8: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 13 dc} around, join (60)

    Continue with the color Gold

    Round 9: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 14 dc} around, join (64)

    Round 10: 2 Pc, {2 dc in the same st, 15 dc} around, join (68)

    Rounds 11-21: 2 Pc, 68 dc around, join (68)

    Round 22: 1 Pc, 68 sc around, join (68)

    Finish off and weave the loose ends.


    Round 1: Create a magic ring, 10 sc (10)

    Rounds 2-22: 10 sc around (10)

    Twist three pipe cleaners together and fold one end of the formation to hide the pointed end of the pipe cleaners. Insert the pipe cleaners into the handle about halfway and continue crocheting. Once you have completed the 22nd round, fold the other end of the pipe cleaner into the handle so that it does not appear.

    Sew the handle to the side of the hat; fold and adjust as needed to achieve a solid handle.

    And that’s it! 🍻😆

    Beer Design Hat


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