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    Crochet Twister Challenge Blanket FREE PATTERN

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    he art of crochet gives us countless possibilities to create unique and functional pieces, bringing warmth and style to our home. In this article, we are pleased to present you the free pattern of the Crochet Twister Challenge Blanket, a wonderful work of textile art that not only brings a touch of color and design to any space, but also becomes an indispensable companion in our day. a day. 

    ✅ This crochet blanket, with its captivating network of points and colors, has been created through a technique called “twisting challenge”, which consists of combining different threads and colors in an intricate way, achieving a visually dynamic and surprising effect.

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    ✅ Not only is it a great option to keep you warm during cold winter nights, but it also doubles as a picnic blanket, couch cover, or even as a wall decor item.

    ✅ With the free pattern that we share in this article, both beginners and crochet experts will be able to immerse themselves in the challenge of creating their own Crochet Twister Challenge Blanket and enjoy its multiple uses in everyday life.

    ✅ Dare to experiment with different combinations of colors and materials to give life to a unique and personalized blanket that perfectly adapts to your needs and tastes. 

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    ✅ Contrast A White, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contrast B Licorice, 1 ball.

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    ✅ Contrast C Race Car Red, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contrast D Baby Teal, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contrast E Green, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contrast F School Bus Yellow, 1 ball.

    ✅ Hook size L/11 (8 mm).

    ✅ Thread needle.


    ✅ 106.5 cm x 132 cm.


    ✅ 7 single crochets and 8 rows: 10 cm.

    ✅ Reason: 25.5 cm square.

    Crochet Twister Challenge Blanket Pattern

    Twister Challenge Blanket

    Assembly Diagram

    Twister Challenge Blanket
    Twister Challenge Blanket


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