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    The steel hob becomes a splendor thanks to this remedy: incredible

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    What is the best material for steel cooktop in terms of cleaning and maintaining shine? How to clean it with anti-scratch effect.

    Steel hob  , how to clean it and still keep its shine? This particular element of the kitchen is very often subject to stains due to the daily use we make of it. Oil, frying, sauce, but also steam… all this and much more end up settling on its surface.

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    After each use and each time we have finished cooking (and eating, pleasure above all in these cases), we must always think about how to keep the steel cooktop in the best possible condition. But we certainly cannot act lightly. In fact, we might risk ruining everything.

    If we didn’t take the necessary precautions, we also risked  scratching  our steel cooktop. Something that could happen if we had to use accessories and even ingredients not intended for the treatment of this specific surface.

    Steel cooktop, how to remove stains

    Different sized pans on a baking tray

    Is polishing the steel cooktop a challenge every time? Try these very simple tips and you will see how great it is.

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    Cleaning and maintaining this essential element of our kitchens can be carried out very simply and efficiently. And we will also be able to spend little time to finish everything. What could be very useful to us in this case?

    We will only need a cotton pad and a little olive oil. We soak the disc and pass it all over our hob.  Dirt and stains will disappear  and only the previously lost shine will remain.

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    How to avoid scratching the cooktop

    Finally, another alternative is lemon juice. We can either sprinkle it on our baking tray with a strictly smooth sponge, rub it well then rinse it, or use exactly half of a citrus fruit cut in half and use it as if it were a sponge .


    This is a method that can be implemented on many other surfaces in the home, such as faucets. But with the cooktop, it is recommended to avoid baking soda and abrasive sponges. In fact, both the mentioned ingredient and the non-smooth sponges could leave scratches and ruin the appearance of our cooktops where we usually cook food and liquids.

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