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    All it takes is one natural ingredient to clean your dirty and encrusted oven.

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    To clean the oven and remove any stains inside, here’s how to remove burnt grease stains and much more.

    Cleaning the oven  after use is an action that should always be carried out. In this way we will always be able to preserve the correct functioning of our device and we will be able to guarantee that it is always set to high performance. The maintenance of the electrical appliances that we have at home serves precisely this purpose.

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    And it also helps to prolong their life. Otherwise, failure to clean the oven as much as necessary, in the manner and with the frequency required, may increase the risk of reduced performance or breakdown. And it will take time and a lot of money to fix it.

    So it’s better to clean the oven and do it  quickly and easily  . It will take no effort and we will use ingredients that will have no impact on the environment when disposed of. However, regular commercial detergents also have this side effect, in addition to the fact that they can be harmful to children and pets.

    Clean the oven, how to do it in 5 minutes effortlessly

    Cleaning an oven in progress

    And again, detergents cost even more. Instead, the ingredients we are going to use to clean our oven are significantly  cheaper  and we can find them everywhere. From the supermarket to the discount store, to our trusted store near us.

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    Cooking food can leave residue on the bottom of the oven. This can already cause complications, but when this residue dries, it can end up in parts of the device’s electrical circuits. Additionally, encrustations can also take root on the walls and make it more difficult to cook food evenly.

    What will we need for efficient and quick cleaning of our oven? We use half a lemon, a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate, another of white vinegar and a smooth sponge. You need to extract the juice from the citrus fruits and add  the vinegar and bicarbonate.

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    With baking soda and vinegar but not only we will do it right away

    Mix well, then soak the sponge, wring it out carefully and proceed to  clean the oven,  after removing the racks and any other object placed inside. Clean properly and leave for half an hour. After this time,  turn it on at 180°  without load for around ten minutes.


    This should already be enough   for optimal cleaning.  However, if we wish, we can rinse again for a more thorough cleaning. And we will have an oven that will look like it was just purchased.

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