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    Positive Energy Crochet Blanket FREE PATTERN

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    Are you looking for a crochet project that will not only provide you with hours of relaxation and creativity, but will also help you cultivate positive energy in your home? Then a crochet positive energy + sign blanket might be just what you need!

    Additionally, we will provide you with helpful tips on choosing the right materials and creating an effective knitting pattern for a comfortable and cozy blanket.

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    Not only will you learn how to knit a practical and beautiful blanket, but we will also teach you how to use the crochet knitting technique to create a piece that reflects your personal values ​​and beliefs. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing project for yourself or a meaningful gift for someone special, this blanket is the perfect choice! 

    Join us as we show you how to crochet a positive energy + sign blanket, and discover the joy and relaxation that both knitting and positive energy can bring you!


    ✅ White (A) – 7 balls.

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    ✅ Black (B) – 2 balls.

    ✅ 6mm hook [US J-10].

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    ✅ The blanket measures approximately 45″ [114.5 cm] x 54″ [137 cm].


    ✅ One square = approximately 9 x 9″ [23 x 23 cm].


    The blanket is made up of 30 squares, arranged and joined in 6 rows of 5 squares each.

    Each square is made up of 7 pieces that form a positive sign.

    “Join as you go” techniques are used to join the pieces into squares and the squares into rows.

    The diagrams clarify “joining as you go” techniques and show the layout of the squares, as well as how to make them.

    Crochet Positive Energy Blanket Pattern FREE PATTERN

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