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    Crochet Umbrella Cover FREE PATTERN

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    If you like crocheting and enjoy spending time outdoors on sunny days, you will love this free pattern to make a crochet umbrella cover with fancy stitch.

    This cover is a fun and practical project that will allow you to personalize and protect your umbrella, while enjoying the beauty of crochet fabric . The pattern uses fancy crochet stitches to create an interesting texture and a beautiful, elegant look.

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    Plus, this pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters, and with a little practice you’ll be able to create an umbrella cover that fits your needs perfectly.

    This cover is also a useful and unique gift you can make for your friends and family who enjoy the outdoors and crochet.

    In short, if you are looking for a fun and practical project to crochet while enjoying the outdoors, this fancy stitch crochet umbrella cover is an excellent option! Let’s start knitting! 

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    ✅ Thread the color of your umbrella.

    ✅ Matching hook.

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    ✅ 52 cm.

    ✅ Volume of the upper part: 22 cm.

    ✅ Strap: 30 cm and the width is 1 cm.

    Crochet Umbrella Cover


    ✅ Start with a chain of 18 air loops (the length of the chain should be 5 cm). Next, we knit according to the schemes:

    Crochet Umbrella Cover Pattern

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