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    Mini Totoro Keychain Amigurumi FREE PATTERN

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    Transport your love of Studio Ghibli and Totoro to your keys with this charming hand-knitted amigurumi keychain. With its fantastic and tender size, you will delight everyone you show it to or give it to as a gift 


    ✅ Am: Magic ring.

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    ✅ Pc: Chain stitch.

    ✅ Pb: Low point.

    ✅ Pr: Flat/sliding point.

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    ✅ Increase: 2 sc in the next stitch.

    ✅ Dec: 2 sc together.

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    ✅ (12): Number of stitches you must have at the end of the round/row.

    ✅ (…)*6: Repeat what is in parentheses the indicated number of times.


    ✅ Thread.

    ✅ Hook size 3 mm.

    ✅ Scissors.

    ✅ Needle.

    ✅ Filling.

    ✅ 5 mm safety eyes.


    ✅ The amigurumi measures approximately 2.3 inches (6 cm) tall, including the ears.


    Eyes (2 pieces)

    Note: Don’t overtighten the magic ring, insert a plastic eye in the center.

    Use white thread.

    Row 1: 8 sc in am, sl.

    Leave a long tail for sewing.

    Ears (2 pieces)

    Use gray thread.

    Row 1: 6 sc in am.

    Row 2: 6 sc.

    Row 3: (Sc, inc)*3 (9).

    Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*3 (12).

    Row 5: (Sc, dec)*4 (8).

    Row 6: 8 sc.

    Fold the ear in half and sew it on.

    Leave a long tail for sewing.

    body and head

    Note: The sc at the beginning of the row counts as the first sc.

    Use gray thread.

    Make 16 sc, start with the second loop from the hook.

    Row 1: 14 sc, inc, 14 sc (30). Marks the start of the line.

    Use gray and white yarn.

    Row 2: Pr, sc, sc in the same point, sc, all with gray. 11 sc with white, sc, inc, 15 sc, all with gray (32).

    Row 3: Pr, sc, 2 sc, all with gray, 11 sc with white, 18 sc with gray (32).

    Row 4: Pr, sc, 3 sc, all with gray, 9 sc with white, 19 sc with gray (32).

    Row 5: Pr, sc, 4 sc, all with gray, 7 sc with white, 20 sc with gray (32).

    Next, you can knit in the classic way in a spiral (without st or ch at the beginning of the row).

    Use gray thread.

    Rows 6-10: 32 sc (5 rows).

    Row 11: (Dec, 14 sc)*2 (30).

    Row 12: 30 sc.

    Row 13: (3 sc, dec)*6 (24).

    Insert the eyes between rows 10 and 11 at a distance of 7 sc. There should be 3 sc between the white details of the eyes. Sew the eyes with white thread.

    Row 14: Sc, dec, (2 sc, dec)*5, sc (18).

    Row 15: (Sc, dec)*6 (12). Fill.

    Row 16: (Dec)*6 (6).

    Fill and squeeze 6 points.


    Sew the ears to the head between rows 2 and 5.

    Embroider the beak with black thread between the eyes between rows 8 and 9.

    Take a finer black thread and embroider a mustache on rows 9 and 10.

    Embroider the mouth in row 10.


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