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    Crochet Sunnyside Top FREE PATTERN

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    The summer season is approaching and with it come long, hot days, crowded beaches and school holidays, it is the ideal season to wear this beautiful and simple crochet top. Summer is a time of year when many people look forward to enjoying the sun and outdoor fun. 

    During the summer, outdoor activities are very popular. The beaches are filled with people looking to cool off in the water and enjoy the sun, while the parks and gardens are ideal for picnics, playing sports or simply relaxing and enjoying the summer atmosphere.

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    ✅ Golden Rays – 1 (1, 1, 2, 2, 2) cake(s).

    ✅ Gancho de tamaño US H/8 (5 mm).

    ✅ Thread needle.

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    ✅ Sizes: XS/S (M, L, XL, 2/3XL, 4/5XL).

    To adjust the bust measurement

    ✅ XS/S 28-34″[71-86.5 cm]

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    ✅ M 36-38″[91.5-96.5 cm]

    ✅ L 40-42″[101.5-106.5 cm]

    ✅ XL 44-46″[112-117 cm]

    ✅ 2/3XL 48-54″[122-137 cm]

    ✅ 4/5XL 56-62″[142-157.5 cm]

    Note: Final measurements do not include ties, which will add 3 to 6″ [3 7.5 to 15 cm6″] to the finished bust, depending on how tight the top is tied.


    ✅ 14 single crochets and 16 rows = 4″ [10 cm].


    Note: Chain 3 at the beginning of the round counts as a double crochet.

    You must knit 5 motifs. Start by making 6 chains. Join the chain with a sliding stitch to form the ring. Follow the dot diagram.

    Join each motif following the assembly diagram.

    Bows (make 4)

    Using the double thread, join with a slip stitch to any point marked on the assembly diagram.

    Make 60 chains. fasten.


    Cut strands of yarn 15″ [38 cm] long. Fold 4 strands in half and tie a knot to form the fringe, place the fringe on each peak and valley of the bottom edge, with 3 (3-4-4-5-6) sections of fringe spread evenly between each peak and valley . Trim the fringes evenly.

    Crochet Top Sunnyside Pattern

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