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    Magic Check Crochet Cardigan FREE PATTERN

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    ✅ Crochet is an ancient technique that has been passed down from generation to generation and is still used today to create unique and beautiful pieces. One of the most popular elements in the world of crochet are square motifs, which allow you to create complex and striking patterns on a wide variety of clothing items, such as the magic check cardigan. 

    ✅ The magic square crochet cardigan is a garment that stands out for its geometric designs and its color, ideal to wear in any season of the year. This pattern is very popular in the crochet community, thanks to its versatility and ease of preparation, which allows even people who are just starting out in this technique to do it successfully.

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    ✅ In this article, we will present the free pattern so you can crochet your own magic plaid cardigan, including a detailed and easy-to-follow chart. Additionally, we will offer some tips and tricks so you can customize and adapt this pattern to your tastes and needs. Get ready to give life to a unique and stylish garment with this crochet pattern!


    ✅ Poppy – 11 (12, 14) balls.

    ✅ 6.5mm hook [US K-10.5].

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    ✅ Thread needle.

    ✅ Point markers (optional).

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    ✅ Size S/M (L, XL/2XL).

    ✅ Finished Chest: 42 (45, 56)” [106.5 (114.5, 142) cm]

    ✅ Finished Length: 42 (45, 49)” [106.5 (114.5, 124.5) cm]


    ✅ 1 motif = 7″ (18 cm), slightly stretched in sizes S/ M and XL/2XL; 1 motif = 7 1⁄2″ (19 cm), slightly stretched in size L.


    The cardigan is made with full motifs, half motifs and quarter motifs.

    The motifs are joined together while working the last round or row with the join-as-you-go technique. Review the assembly diagram to place the motifs and determine the correct joining of each motif to its neighboring motif.

    When joining motifs, keep motifs with wrong sides together with the current motif in front and the neighboring motif behind. The motifs are only joined across the spaces in the chain. To make the joining spaces obvious, you may find it helpful to place markers on the spaces in the chain across the edge(s) of neighboring motifs.

    Magic Check Cardigan Pattern




    Assembly diagram



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