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    Crochet Bed for Rabbits or Pets

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    The small animal hideout features a cave design that brings animals closer together, helping them find a suitable resting place and relieving their anxiety. 

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    At the same time, the nest is soft enough to ensure that our babies do not get scratched by hard objects while going back and forth in the burrow, keeping their fur intact.

    Materials _

    1 set of PurpleYarns Fettuccine, consisting of 1 skein solid color and 1 skein variegated.

    10.0mm hook (US N).

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    Bottom circumference 40 cm.

    Center top to bottom 38cm.

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    Opening width of 17 cm.

    Height of the opening 11 cm.


    Single crochet = 8 stitches and 9 rows.


    The point counts given for the base chains do not include the chain points needed for the turning posts.

    Bottom: Work a magic ring to start, then work single crochet on the round, increasing as indicated.

    Top/sides: Work a magic ring to start, then work single crochet on the round, increasing as indicated. When you reach the door area, start working back and forth for 8 rows. On the 9th round, work in rounds again (see diagram).

    Finishing: Following the assembly diagram, sew the bottom and top sections together with a rib stitch. Work the edges around the door opening.

    Crochet Rabbit or Pet Bedding Pattern




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