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    Graphic Crochet Skirt FREE PATTERN

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    This skirt is perfect for those who are looking for a challenging and exciting crochet project, and who want to add a touch of style and originality to their wardrobe. The graphic skirt offers a unique and eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads and be a talking point anywhere.

    Through this article, we will explore the materials and tools necessary to knit the graphic skirt, as well as the basic crochet techniques needed to carry out this project. We’ll also share step-by-step instructions for knitting each section of the skirt, including the waist, top, and bottom.

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    ✅ Color Blue / Soft Pink. XS-S (2 balls) / ML (3 balls) / XL (4 balls) / 2-3XL (5 balls) / 4-5XL (5 balls).

    ✅ Hook size of G/6 (4 mm).

    ✅ Thread needle.

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    To adjust to hip measurement

    ✅ XS/S 86.5-96.5cm [34-36]

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    ✅ M/L 38-44″ [96.5-112 cm]

    ✅ XL 117-122 cm [46-48]

    ✅ 2/3XL 132-142 cm [52-56″].

    ✅ 4/5XL 147.5-162.5 cm [58-64″].

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