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    Granny Solid Crochet Heart FREE PATTERN

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    With a design full of love and affection, this fantastic crochet granny square motif is ideal to start new personalized projects. Its simplicity and beauty make it a perfect choice for blankets or scarves. 


    ✅ Red and gray 100% cotton thread.

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    ✅ 3.5 mm gancho.


    ✅ The square measures approximately 13 x 13 cm.


    You can complete the pattern by turning it more times with double crochets until you get the desired size or knit several grannies and join them together if you want to make a large piece like a blanket. If you use a thicker thread or wool you can make a stool cover or a very cool cushion.

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    You can start with a magic ring or a closed circle of chains, whichever you prefer.

    The last stitch is joined by a slip stitch to the third chain at the beginning of the round.

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    In the next stitch a slip stitch is knitted and then the three height chains.

    The color change is done just before making the last loop of the previous color.

    Granny Solid Crochet Heart Pattern

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