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    Gold Crochet Necklace FREE PATTERN

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    100% cotton thread.

    3mm hook.

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    51 cm chain (55 links).



    ✅ Work back and forth, leaving 12 links free at each end.

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    ✅ To start , tie a knot in link no. 13 and start with round 1 (follow the diagram).

    On round 1 go through the links to make the single crochets. Skip a link between each single crochet.

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    ✅ Depending on the chain you find, you may need to change the number of chains woven between each link. The goal is for the links not to tighten, the natural fall of the chain should remain.

    ✅ At the end of round 2 wrap the starting strand so that it is hidden between the stitches.

    ✅ The necklace can be closed with jewelry endings, in this case it was closed with fabric. Make 2 knitted circles (12 double crochets closed in the round). Sew the sides of the brooch to each circle. Open the link at each end of the chain and insert into the edge of the circle. Be careful not to twist the chain. The necklace is ready.


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