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    Dalila Vest with Grandma’s Squares in Crochet FREE PATTERN

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    The art of crochet has been, for generations, a door to personal expression and the memory of moments shared with loved ones. Among its most iconic and timeless patterns is the Grandmother’s Painting, a display of technique and tradition that evokes memories of warm hugs and afternoons by the fire. Inspired by this legacy, we present to you the Dalila Vest.

    The Dalila Vest is more than just a garment; It is a meeting between history and contemporary fashion. By wearing it, you will not only wrap yourself in the warmth of the woven thread, but also in the stories and traditions it represents. Its design is both classic and modern, making it perfect to complete any outfit, whether for a casual day or a special evening.

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    This guide will take you step by step through the creation process, allowing you to not only make a unique garment, but also connect with the ancient art of crochet. And remember, although the Dalila Vest has its own essence, the pattern can be the starting point for adaptations and customizations according to your style and creativity.

    Embark on this beautiful journey of threads and memories, and let Grandma’s Plaid Delilah Vest become your new favorite piece. Let’s do it!


    Materials _

    Candied Flowers. Size XS/S (2 balls), M (2 balls), L (3 balls), XL (3 balls), 2/3XL (4 balls), 4/5XL (4 balls.

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    US G/6 (4mm) size hook.

    Stitch markers.

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    To adjust the bust/chest measurement

    XS/S: 28-34″ [71-86.5 cm].

    M: 36-38″ [91.5-96.5 cm].

    L: 40-42″ [101.5-106.5 cm].

    XL: 44-46″ [112-117 cm].

    2/3XL: 48-54″ [122-137 cm].

    4/5XL: 56-62″ [142-157.5 cm].

    Finished bust/chest

    XS/S: 91.5 cm [36″].

    M: 40″ [101.5 cm].

    L: 44″ [112 cm].

    XL: 48″ [122 cm].

    2/3XL: 142cm [56″].

    4/5XL: 152.5cm [60″].


    14 Double crochets and 9 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in yoke pattern.

    Reason: Approximately 4″ [10 cm] square.


    Reason: Make XS/S (27) M (30) L (33) XL (36) 2/3XL (42), 4/5XL (45).

    Note: Each ball has 2 different sections: Solid section and variegated section.

    Separate the solid and variegated sections.

    Solid section – Color 1. Variegated section – Color 2.

    With color 2, make 6 stitches. Join the first chain stitch with a slip stitch to form a ring.

    Dalila Vest with Grandma’s Squares in Crochet


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