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    FREE PATTERN Crochet 4 Leaf Clover Earrings

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    🍀 Crochet, with its unique ability to combine art and skill , has been a beloved technique for generations. From clothing pieces to accessories, the magic of yarn and hook has manifested itself in countless ways. Within this vast creative universe, earrings are a delicious way to add a personal touch to our style. And when we talk about a design that evokes fortune, magic and tradition, four-leaf clover earrings are, without a doubt, an unbeatable choice.

    🍀 The four-leaf clover is a universally recognized symbol of good luck. Each leaf represents an attribute: hope, faith, love and luck. It is rare to find it in nature, which gives it a special and precious character. By incorporating this design into a handmade crochet earring, we not only carry with us a good fortune charm, but we also carry a piece of art, which reflects the skill and passion of the artisan.

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    🍀 If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of charm to your outfit, or perhaps a meaningful gift for someone special, these crochet four-leaf clover earrings are a perfect option. Whether you are a crochet enthusiast looking for inspiration or simply someone admiring beauty and tradition, I invite you to discover and appreciate the process and end result of this wonderful creation.


    Materials _

    Color #10 Aqua, a little thread.

    Color #12 Orchid, some thread.

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    Color #20 Antique Gold, some thread.

    Color #21 Olive, a little thread.

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    Color #25 Egyptian Blue, some thread.

    Color #28 Mahogany, some thread.

    Hook size 1mm.

    Accessories for earrings: (Hooks or clips)

    Diamond-shaped earrings: 2 pearl beads (6mm/0.24″ diameter).

    Clover earrings: 2 pearl beads (4mm/0.16″ diameter).

    Flower-shaped earrings: 6 beads.


    Clover length: 4 cm.

    Flower length: 4.5cm.

    Diamond length: 5.5 cm.


    Clover: Work the magic ring to start, then form the leaves using chain stitches, half double crochets and working single crochets into the magic ring. Change to color #21 and work the border around the leaves. Crochet the stem last.

    Flower: Work the magic ring to start, then work the petals according to the chart. Make 3 flowers per earring in the indicated colors.

    Diamond: Work the magic ring to start, then follow the chart. In round 2, make 5 stitches as directed, attach them to the earring piece, then slip a stitch onto the chain and continue with the rest of the round. For the ribbon, also start with a magic ring, and then crochet according to the chart.

    Diagram of Crochet Stitches Used

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