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    Decorative Hadar Mandala in Crochet FREE PATRÓN

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    The art of crochet has captured the imagination of people around the world with its beauty and versatility. In the midst of this vast artisanal tradition, the Hadar Decorative Mandala stands out as a fascinating creation that combines the skill of crochet with the magic of mandalas.

    The name “Hadar” evokes the idea of ​​a bright , shining star, and this crochet mandala certainly brightens any space in which it is placed. Every meticulously woven detail, from geometric patterns to subtle color changes, intertwine to create a masterpiece, textile that captivates the senses.

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    The art of crochet itself is a form of active meditation, a practice that requires mindfulness and patience to weave thread by thread and watch the shape come to life under expert hands. The Crochet Hadar Decorative Mandala becomes a portal to calm and introspection, since both its creation process and its final result transmit a feeling of serenity and harmony.


    White thread, 1 ball.

    1.0mm hook.

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    Decorative embroidery hoop, 30 cm.

    Tapestry needle.

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    Round 1: 6 Double crochets in a magic ring, join this round with 1 slipped stitch in the 1st stitch. Pull the tail of the thread to close the magic ring tightly, work following the diagram. Break and weave the ends.

    Fix to the frame: Only the outer points of the mandala need to be fixed to the frame.

    Using a tapestry needle and thread, pass the thread through each loop and then around the frame, knotting it at the back of the mandala.

    Patrón de la Mandala Hadar en Crochet


    Mándala Hadar
    Mándala Hadar


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