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    Curry Crochet Handbag FREE PATTERN

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    💛 When it comes to fashion accessories, handbags are a classic and versatile choice. If you are looking for a bag that stands out for its style, color and ease of production, the Curry Crochet Handbag is the perfect option . With its vibrant yellow color and the use of a simple high stitch, this handwoven bag will not only be a functional accessory, but also a fashion statement.

    💛 The curry yellow color gives it a striking and energetic look, perfect to stand out on any occasion. In addition, the double stitch used in its construction is one of the simplest basic stitches in crochet, making it a suitable project for both beginners and more experienced knitters.

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    💛nThe process of making this bag is rewarding and relaxing. With a quality hook and thread, you can create a unique accessory that reflects your style and personality. Following a clear and detailed pattern, you can easily knit the body of the bag and then add the wooden handles to give it a special touch. The result will be a unique and charming handbag, ready to carry your belongings in an elegant way.

    💛 In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Curry Crochet Handbag is practical and functional. Its perfect size will allow you to carry your essentials, such as your phone, wallet and keys, comfortably and safely. The crochet fabric offers a soft and resistant texture, ensuring the durability of the bag for prolonged use.


    💛 Pc: Chain.

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    💛 Pb: Low point.

    💛 Pa: High point.

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    💛 Dc3tog: 3 double crochets together.


    💛 Curry – 2 rolls.

    💛 M/9mm size hook.

    💛 2 wooden handles approximately 6.75″.

    💛 Optional: Fabric to lining dresses.


    💛 The bag measures approximately 14.25″ (length) x 15.75″ (width at the bottom) x 10.25″ (width at the top).


    💛 10 stitches x 7 rows = 4”/10cm over the pattern using the M hook.


    Bag (make 2 identical panels)

    Pc 30 + 3 pc to turn and follow the pattern.

    At 4.75″ start decreases in the center of the row: dc3tog in dc rows only. At 12.25″ make one more row in sc and then along the sides and bottom, make 2 rows in sc. Button up.

    Assembly and finishing

    Sew the sides and bottom (principle of work). Leave 3.25″ at the top to create the opening of the bag. Line the bag. Join the handles at the opening with 18 sc.

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