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    Crochet Ice Cream Cover FREE PATTERN

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    🍦 What could be more refreshing and delicious on a hot summer day than a cold and creamy ice cream? But as the sun melts the ice cream, our hands can get sticky. That’s where the Crochet Ice Cream Cover comes in, a practical and elegant solution to keep your hands cool while enjoying your favorite ice cream.

    Made with soft and resistant threads, this cover protects your hands from the cold and prevents the ice cream from melting quickly. Plus, its unique and colorful design adds a touch of fun and personality to your ice cream experience.

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    🍦 The process of crocheting the Crochet Ice Cream Cover is fun and rewarding. Available patterns and detailed instructions will guide you step by step in creating this useful cover . From the selection of colors to the choice of crochet stitches, every detail allows you to personalize your cover and add your unique touch.

    🍦 The Crochet Ice Cream Cover is not only practical, but also environmentally friendly. By using it, you reduce the need for disposable packaging and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. It is a sustainable and conscious way to enjoy your favorite ice cream without negatively affecting the environment.


    🍦 Pc: Chain stitch.

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    🍦 Pb: Low point.

    🍦 Pr: Slip/slip stitch.

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    🍦 Mpa: Half double crochet.


    🍦 Color Pink.

    🍦 10mm hook.

    🍦 Large eye upholstery needle.


    Make a magic ring, 2 pc, 8 hdc inside the ring, pr to join, 2 pc (8)

    Round 2: 2 Mpa around, pr to join, 2 pc (16)

    Round 3: 2 sc, hdc, repeat around, sl st to join, 2 sc (24)

    Rows 4-7: Mpa around, pr to join, 2 pc (24)

    Row 8: Mpa around, pr to join, 1 pc (24)

    Round 9: Sc around, pr to join (24)

    Row 10: P around, tr to join, close, knit the ends (24)

    Enjoy your ice cream! 🍦🌼

    Ice Cream Cover
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