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    Crochet Nordic Star Curtain FREE PATTERN

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    Interior decoration is a way to express our creativity and personal style, and the crochet Nordic star curtain is a perfect example of how crochet can be used to give a unique and personal touch to our home.

    This curtain, with its Nordic star pattern, is a piece of decoration that will not go unnoticed. It is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and personality to any room in the house.

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    In this article, we will teach you how to create your own crochet Nordic star curtain, from choosing the yarn and colors to making the Nordic star pattern and joining the squares. Plus, we’ll give you some tips and tricks so you can personalize your curtain and make it even more special.

    With this project, you will be able to demonstrate your crochet skills and create a unique and beautiful decoration piece that reflects your style and personality. The crochet Nordic star curtain is an excellent way to give a special touch to your home and make your spaces even more welcoming and attractive.


    ✅ Pistachio Pie – 2 cakes.

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    ✅ 2.5 mm hook.

    ✅ Scissors.

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    ✅ Rule.

    ✅ Tapestry needle to weave the ends.

    ✅ Point markers.

    ✅ Pins and mat for blocking.

    Note: Each cake produces approximately 1.40 m/55″ width for the border, as long as the appropriate gauge is obtained.


    ✅ The finished valance will gain more length when blocked and will have the following dimensions after blocking: 48 cm / 18.9″ long at the shortest point x 280 cm / 110.2″ wide.


    ✅ Make a sample and block it like you would block your valance.

    ✅ 10 double crochets with 2 chains in the middle x 12 rows knitted in filet pattern = 10 x 10cm / 4 x 4″ using the 2.5mm hook.


    Always make a sample gauge before starting to check the tension. This way you will know that you are knitting with a tension similar to the sample and that your border will be the correct size.

    The border is worked from side to side and in rows. The turning chains at the beginning are not indicated in the pattern. This means you can spin the work your way. Therefore, in this pattern the first stitch is always called double crochet.

    Knit the first cake from the outside in and the second from the inside out. In this way the gradient of the cake continues.

    The long base chain is worked as follows: Take a long strand of thread and start with a slip knot. Always keep the thread and cake at the back of your work. Loop the front strand over the back hook and the back strand over the forward hook and, using your hook, pull the back strand through the strand over the front strand and the loop of your hook. Repeat these steps until the base chain has reached the desired length.

    The pattern is made up of different parts that must be repeated separately and these parts are written separately. When you come across the word border, work the next row of this pattern and when you come across the words small diamond, work the next row of that pattern. Both parts of the pattern are indicated with their own color to make them easier to recognize.

    Crochet Nordic Star Border Pattern

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