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    Crochet Net Style Basket FREE PATTERN

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    Put away the clutter in your room in this elegant and extremely useful crocheted basket, perfect for the home. Woven with a thick, soft yarn, it is also a great place to save all your knitting materials


    ❇️ Crimson – 3 balls.

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    ❇️ US size hook P/Q/19 (15mm).

    ❇️ Point scoreboard.


    The basket measures approximately 15″ [38 cm] in diameter x 14 1⁄2” [37 cm] in height.

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    4 single crochets and 4 rows = 4″ [10 cm].


    Start by making 2 chains. Follow the stitch diagram to correctly create your knitted piece.

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    Advantages of designing your own crochet basket

    Crochet baskets with raised stitches are a stylish and functional way to add a touch of personality and organization to any room in the home. Here I show you some of the most common uses of a basket with raised crochet stitches:

    ✅ Storage of small items: baskets with raised dots are perfect for storing small items, such as keys, coins, jewelry or cosmetics . They can be placed on a dresser or shelf to keep these items organized and accessible.

    ✅ Toy Storage: Woven baskets are a great option for organizing children’s toys. Being lightweight and portable, kids can easily move them from room to room.

    ✅ Room Decor: Embossed dot baskets are also a stylish way to add texture and color to any room in the home . They can be used as decorative pieces to place plants, magazines, or any other object that you want to highlight in the room.

    ✅ Storage of knitting items: Crochet baskets are very useful for storing yarns and knitting accessories. By having materials organized and in sight, you can have better control of what you have and materials are not lost.

    In short, baskets with raised dots are a versatile and functional piece that can help keep any space in the home organized, while giving it a personalized and elegant touch.

    Crochet Net Style Basket Pattern

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