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    Amigurumi Deer Rattle FREE PATTERN

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    Welcome to our amigurumi tutorial! On this occasion, we will teach you how to make an adorable rattle for your baby, an ideal toy for their first rocks, safe and fun.

    It is very easy and very practical to do step by step. You can knit immediately during the day. You can knit the amigurumi deer pattern for children and as a gift for newborns. 

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    AM – magic ring
    Sc – single crochet
    Mpa – half double crochet or half double crochet
    Inc – increase
    Dec– decrease
    Pc– slip stitch, slip stitch
    Ch– chain


    • Needle: 2.5
    • Threads in light brown, ecru, dark brown, and a color of your choice for the collar.
    • Fine black thread to embroider the eyes.
    • Wool needle
    • Fleece
    • Hoop, wood or plastic
    • Sound box


    (Light brown color)
    R 1. 6 sc in AM
    R 2. 6 inc (12)
    R 3. 1sc, 1 inc (18)
    R 4. 2sc, 1 inc (24)
    R 5. 3sc, 1 inc (30)
    R 6. 4sc, 1 inc (36)
    R 7. 5sc, 1 inc (42)
    R 8. 6sc, 1 inc (48)
    R 9-12. continue with 48 sc
    V 13. (Change to raw color) 19 sc, (change to raw) 19sc
    V 14. 20sc with raw, 8sc brown, 20 sc with raw
    V 15. 21sp with raw, 6sp with brown, 21sp with raw
    V 16. with raw 6sp, 1 dec (x2), 5sp , with brown 1sc, 1 dec, 1 dec. Change to raw, 6sp, 1dism, 6sp, 1dism, finish with 6sp. (We cut the brown thread) (42)
    V 17-19. Knit 42sc with greige
    R 20. 5sc, 1 dec (36)
    R 21. 4sc, 1 dec (30)
    R 22. 3sc, 1dism (24)
    (Fill little by little and place the sound box)
    V 23. 2sc, 1dism (18)Close with wool needle.R 25. 6dm (6)
    R 24. 1sc, 1dm (12)

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    We have completed the head part of the free amigurumi pattern. Now we are going to knit the part of the snout


    Light brown
    R 1. 6 sc in AM
    R 2. 6 inc (12)
    R 3. 1sc, 1 inc (18)
    R 4-5. (18) pc, leave long strand

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    Let’s knit the ears of the deer rattle amigurumi pattern


    With raw
    V 1. 8 ch. (work around them) in the 2nd ch work, 1 sc inc, 5sc, 1 inc, 5sc (14)
    V 2. inc of 3, 6sc, inc of 3, 6sc ( 18)
    R 3. 1 inc, 1sc, 1 inc, 6sc, 1 inc, 1sc, 1 inc, 6sc (22)
    Change to light brown< /span>
    R 4. 22sc, leave thread to sew.

    Let’s knit the antlers of the amigurumi deer rattle pattern 🙂


    (Dark brown)
    V 1. 5 in AM
    V 2. 5 inc (10)
    V 3-7. knit 10sc. Leave long strand.

    Let’s knit the necklace from the amigurumi pattern 


    (Alternative color)
    R 1. Ch 22, in the 3rd ch work 2 hdc together, continue to the end in the same way (40)
    R 2. Increase with 2 ch, 2 hdc in each hdc of the previous round (80)

    Cover Hoop: 27 ch, in the second ch begin and work 25 hdc for 3 or 4
    rounds until necessary, leave a long thread.


    Sew the ears, starting at V7 of the head. Sew the horns starting from V3 of the head. Sew the snout between V16 and 17, before embroidering the snout. Embroider the eyes in V16 with 6 sc long. Color the cheeks with pink pastel chalk

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