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    Crochet Mint Flower Purse FREE PATTERN

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    Very versatile and eye-catching, this adorable fresh flower style purse is an ideal complement to carry your IDs. Its green color is so pretty that you won’t want to replace it with anything. /span> Let’s get started! 


    ❇️ 1 ball of 50 g of sports cotton yarn approximately 125 m.

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    ❇️ Hook size 2.5 mm.

    ❇️ Zipper.

    ❇️ Fabric for the lining.

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    ❇️ That.

    ❇️ Sewing machine.

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    ❇️ Fabric glue.


    15 cm x 10 cm.


    Caliper is not necessary for this project.


    Make 2 identical rectangle pieces.

    3 Chain Stitches count as 1 double crochet.


    Now that you have two identical rectangle shapes, all you have to do is surround them with single crochets so that the edges are even.

    Once this is done, put them together, with the right sides facing each other, and begin to join them point by point, again using single crochets. You can also take a large thread needle and start sewing the pieces. Turn it around. (If you want to weave a strap, do it during this time too)

    The purse would be finished, you can cut all the loose threads and weave them. The next step is to make a lining for the bag.

    Attach the lining and zipper

    If you don’t want to add your own lining to your purse, you can simply glue the zipper directly with strong fabric glue.

    If you want to make a simple lining, cut a piece of fabric measuring 42 x 15 cm. Fold it in half and sew the shorter end (the 15cm one) together. Flip it over so that the seam you just made is inside the tube.

    Fold it in half again, press with the iron and sew the zipper to the longer sides of the piece (it will again be the 15 cm side). Cut the zipper if it is too long and then sew the two sides together. You can either hand sew the lining onto the purse or simply use the strong fabric glue again to attach it to the purse and you’re done.

    Crochet Mint Flower Purse Pattern



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