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    🌺 Crochet Verbena Flower Pigtail FREE PATTERN

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    🌺 The crochet technique allows the creation of a wide variety of designs and patterns. One of the most popular today is the Verbena Flower Ponytail, a technique that combines different crochet stitches to create a beautiful and original ponytail that simulates a flower. 

    🌺 In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about this technique, from the materials and tools needed to the specific steps to create your own Verbena Flower Ponytail. Read on to find out how you can add this beautiful design to your collection of crochet creations!


    βœ… Color Atom Red, 1 ball.

    βœ… Hook size D/3 (3.25 mm).

    βœ… Thread needle.

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    βœ… Elastic hair band.

    βœ… 12 inch hilo de coser hilo.

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    Only for the beaded scrunchie

    βœ… Hilo of contrasting color coser.

    βœ… 24 Rochelle crystal beads size 6/0 or E.

    βœ… Note:Β 1 ball can make up to 2 pigtails.


    βœ… The ponytail will have the same diameter as the elastic band you use.


    βœ… Gauge is not necessary for this project.


    βœ… Each ponytail is worked in joined rows.

    βœ… The first round is worked over the elastic band, using a low cover stitch.

    Crochet Verbena Flower Pigtail Pattern

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