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    Crochet Ammar Bag FREE PATTERN

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    ✅ This bag is characterized by its modern and minimalist design, which makes it perfect for use on any occasion, from a day of shopping to a casual outing with friends. The crochet pattern used to create the Ammar Bag is easy to follow, making it an ideal project for both beginners and experienced knitters.

    ✅ In this article, we will introduce you to everything you need to know about the crochet pattern used to create the Ammar Bag, as well as the materials and tools needed to complete the project.

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    So get ready to create your own crochet Ammar Bag with our free pattern. It will be the perfect accessory to add a personal and elegant touch to your wardrobe!


    ✅ Thread of your choice.

    ✅ Hook matching your chosen yarn.

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    ✅ Scissors.

    ✅ Cardboard to make the fringes (optional).

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    ✅ 32 cm high x 22 cm.

    Crochet Ammar Bag Pattern

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