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    TUTORIAL Yarn Weight Chart in Crochet

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    Looking for a quick explanation of what thread weight is or what thread weights mean? Perhaps you are also wondering what the numbers on your thread tag mean? If that is your case, don’t worry, at Crochetisimo we will help you solve all your doubts

    With this easy tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what yarn weights mean, what the numbers on the label mean, how to find crochet patterns that work with the weight of yarn you have, and much more.

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    What do the yarn weight numbers mean?

    The weight of the thread has nothing to do with its weight, but with the thickness or fineness of the strand.

    You might be wondering why there are so many thread weight names to begin with. An example is that a blanket requires a different weight (sometimes called a thread size), typically a 3, 4, 5 or 6 weight, than appliqués, which typically use a lighter thread such as 1 or 2. These different thread sizes account for these differences in projects. Another example is that if you want to knit a cozy blanket to keep you warm in winter, you will most likely use a thicker yarn compared to a finer worsted yarn.

    Yarn Weight Descriptions

    Thread weights have so many names that it can be very difficult to know what each one is. Use the thread weight chart below as a guide to determine what thread weight to use based on what the woven pattern calls for.

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    You can learn more about each of the different yarn weights listed in the chart, as well as the crochet hook size that works with each yarn. The yarn weight categories below are based on the CYC (Craft Yarn Council) standard yarn weight system.



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