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    TUTORIAL How to Knit a Perfect Circle?

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    Do you want to make a perfect circle in your projects, but every time you try it comes out hexagonal? Don’t worry, with this tutorial you will learn the correct way to make a circle perfectly 

    The deformations in the pieces are usually a complete frustration for all knitters, since it gives a strange and unprofessional look to all our projects. It is essential to learn the ideal technique and thus skip all these bad moments to enjoy crochet to the fullest. Let’s get to it!

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    How to weave a Perfect Circle?

    The method used is very easy once you recognize the pattern. It is enough to divide in half the first group of stitches of each row of uniform increase from a certain point.

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    Below is an example of what a normal pattern would look like compared to the correct way to create it.

    Wrong way

    Round 1: 6 single crochet in a magic ring (6).

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    Round 2: [Increase] x6 (12).

    Round 3: [Single crochet, increase] x6 (18).

    Round 4: [2 single crochets, increase] x6 (24).

    Round 5: [3 single crochet, increase] x6 (30).

    Round 6: [4 single crochet, increase] x6 (36).

    Round 7: [5 single crochet, increase] x6 (42).

    Round 8: [6 single crochet, increase] x6 (48).



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