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    TUTORIAL How to Knit a Bubble Stitch?

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    Bubble stitches are great for adding texture to a knitted piece, and if you’ve come across them in any project you’re doing and don’t know how to approach it, now is your time to confront it 

    Fluffy, bubbly and very fun to knit, once you learn this wonderful crochet technique you may become addicted to knitting bubble stitches. Let us begin! 

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    How to Knit a Bubble Stitch?

    The bubble stitch often appears in patterns written as such: [yarn over, insert hook into specified point, pull through loop, yarn over, pull through the 2 loops on hook] 3 times, yarn over, pull through all the 4 loops on the hook, 1 pc to close.

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    One thing to keep in mind: the bubble stitches can vary in size and it all depends on how many times the pattern says you do it in the same loop. The stitch above and the tutorial below are for a 3 double crochet bubble stitch, but many patterns have 4 double crochets or 5 double crochets.

    Work a partial double crochet at the designated point: yarn over, insert hook, pick up a loop, yarn over and through the 2 loops on hook. There will be two loops left on the hook.

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