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    The brilliant tip to clean and disinfect the shower in just a few steps: here’s what you need to use

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    If you want to clean and disinfect the shower perfectly, quickly and easily, you definitely need to know this awesome trick, you will never stop using it.

    Clean and disinfect the shower

    It is really essential to always keep your home  clean and disinfected  to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating and causing annoying health problems. One of the rooms that requires the most care and attention is the bathroom, because in addition to being the most used room, it is also the place where bacteria appear most easily.

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    All bathroom accessories should be cleaned well and disinfected often, even the  shower  should never be neglected to avoid dealing with germs, bacteria and infections. There are many truly effective products on the market, but they are often very expensive. You can also opt for  natural remedies  , these, in addition to saving you considerably from an economic point of view, will not cause any damage to your health or the environment.

    In the following paragraphs, I will reveal to you a  brilliant tip  to  clean and disinfect  the shower in just a few steps. After using this method you will be truly amazed by its incredible effectiveness and you will no longer be able to do without it, your shower will shine again.

    Here’s how to clean and disinfect the shower in a short time with a really ingenious trick, you will really be surprised

    Disinfect and clean the shower

    There are many  super effective natural remedies capable of making the   shower perfectly clean and disinfected  , one of them is  steam  . Naturally, to put this fantastic remedy into practice you will need a special device which, by releasing steam, will extremely easily remove grease and any other type of dirt. Additionally, it almost completely eliminates bacteria and germs.

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    To   clean the shower ,  you can also use  vinegar and baking soda  . The first prevents the appearance of mold and various bacteria and easily eliminates stains caused by foam deposited on the shower tray. The second, however, is perfect for eliminating bad odors and all types of dirt. Using this method is  very simple,  just pour the vinegar into a spray bottle then sprinkle a little bicarbonate on the bottom of the shower, on the box and on the tiles. Then spray the vinegar, rub well with a sponge and finally rinse thoroughly, the result will surprise you a little since your shower will be like new.

    For an excellent result that does not require a lot of time or effort you can also opt for  citric acid  . Even then, the process really is still child’s play. Pour 2 tablespoons of citric acid and a liter of hot water into a spray bottle, mix well to mix the ingredients and spray the resulting solution on the areas to be treated to clean them perfectly and disinfect them. If the dirt is stubborn, pour the product onto a sponge and scrub the stains well. Even the dirt accumulated between the joints will disappear completely.

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    With these simple and natural remedies your   shower will be like new,  it will be  super clean and disinfected  and you will not risk accumulating germs and bacteria. Once you put them into practice you won’t be able to do without them.

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