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    Spirea Flower Application from Japan FREE PATTERN

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    🌺 The art of crochet is an ancient technique that has been used to create a wide variety of pieces throughout history. From blankets and scarves to decorations and clothing, crochet offers endless possibilities for those who want to create with their own hands. In this sense, one of the most interesting and beautiful applications of crochet is the Spirea Flower from Japan.

    🌺 This flower, originally from Japan, is known for its beautiful pink or white flowers that bloom in clusters. In Japanese culture, various meanings are attributed to it, such as grace and beauty. In the world of crochet, the Spirea Flower from Japan is one of the most popular applications due to its beauty and complexity.

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    ✅ Thread of your choice.

    ✅ Hook matching your chosen yarn.


    ✅ 10 cm viola x 8.5 cm ancho.

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