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    Sophisticated iPhone Case Free Crochet Pattern

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    Throughout this article, we will unravel the secrets behind this impressive creation, exploring the origins of both techniques and how they have converged into a unique combination that dazzles those who contemplate it. 

    🫶🏻 In an era dominated by technology and digital devices, it is increasingly common to look for ways to add a personal and artisanal touch to our everyday accessories. The iPhone, being one of the most popular and iconic mobile devices in the world, has become the perfect canvas to express our individuality.

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    🫶🏻 And what better way to do it than by combining the modernity of this device with the tradition and elegance of crochet? Hand-woven covers not only offer unique and adapted protection to our smartphone, but also reflect a style statement that differentiates us from others.

    🫶🏻 In this series of articles, we will explore the charm and sophistication of crochet iPhone cases, providing you with inspiration and step-by-step guides so you can create your own knitted masterpiece. Welcome to the wonderful world where technology and the art of weaving intertwine.


    🧶 LION BRAND® 24/7 COTTON® (Art. #761)

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    144 Magenta 1 was (A)

    151 Cool Gray 1 ball (B)

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    142 Pink 1 bola (C)

    🧶 LION BRAND® Big Eye Blunt Needle
    🧶 3mm Crochet Hook
    🧶 One Button, 5/8 in. (16 mm) diameter
    🧶 Needle and thread for sewing


    ch = chain
    ch-sp(s) = space(s) previously made with chains
    hdc = half double crochet
    rep = repeat
    sc = single crochet
    sk = skip
    sl st = slip stitch
    st(s) = stitch(s)

    It is important to mention that although these are approximate translations, there may be variations depending on the country or region. In different Spanish-speaking places, crochet abbreviations and terminologies may vary a bit. I hope you find it useful!


    19 sts + 19 rows = approx. 4 in. (10 cm) in the Puff Stitch knitted pattern from Rows 1-5.


    👀 Puff (3-hp puff – worked all in one st) Yarn over, insert hook into indicated st, yarn over and yarn over, (yarn over, insert hook into same st, yarn over yarn and pull out a loop) twice, pull the thread through, pull through the 7 loops on the hook.


    👀 The case is worked in one piece, then folded and joined. A loop for the button is worked directly into the case.
    👀 The panel is worked back and forth in rows from the top edge of the front, down to the base, and then up to the top edge of the back.
    👀 The thread color is changed on each front row following the Front Stripe Sequence. The base is worked with A only. The thread color is changed in each back row following the Back Stripe Sequence.
    👀 To change the thread color, work the last st of the previous color until the last step of the thread. Thread the yarn with the new color and pull through all the loops on the hook to complete the st. Continue with the new color. Do not cut the previous color until instructed. Carefully carry the colors you are not using along the sides of the piece.
    👀 When instructed to work in a st “2 rows down”, work in the st indicated in the row that is numbered 2 less than the row currently being made. For example, if you are working Row 3, a “2 rows down” st is on Row 3 – 2 = Row 1.

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