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    Slant Texture Crochet Dress FREE PATTERN

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    👗The art of crochet dates back centuries and has evolved over time, giving rise to a variety of unique techniques and patterns. One of these patterns is the crochet slanted texture dress, a garment that combines elegance and style with the warmth and comfort that crochet fabric offers.

    👗 This dress is characterized by its inclined texture pattern, which creates an optical illusion of soft and fluid waves throughout the garment. The technique used to create this texture is based on the combination of different crochet stitches, such as the double crochet, single crochet and pineapple stitch, among others.

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    👗 The crochet slant texture dress can be designed in a variety of styles and lengths, from long, flowy dresses to short, tight dresses. Additionally, it can be woven in a variety of yarns and fibers, allowing the weaver to adapt it to different seasons and occasions.

    👗 This dress is ideal for a variety of events and occasions, from weddings and parties to a night on the town. Its elegant and feminine style makes it a versatile and timeless garment that can be worn for years. 

    In short, the Crochet Slant Texture Dress is a beautiful and unique garment that combines the beauty of crochet fabric with an elegant and sophisticated design. If you are a crochet lover or just looking for a beautiful and comfortable piece to add to your wardrobe, this dress is definitely an option worth considering.

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    ✅ Western – 2 (2, 3, 3) balls.

    ✅ 3.25mm hook [US D-3].

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    ✅ Thread needle.


    ✅ Talla:  XS/S (M/L, 1/2XL, 3/4XL).

    ✅To fit the bust:  30-34 (36-42, 44-50, 52- 58)” [76-86.5 (91.5-106.5, 112-127, 132- 147.5) cm].

    ✅ Bust/hip finish:  42 (48, 56, 65)” [106.5 (122, 142, 165) cm], after blocking.

    ✅ Finished length:  36 (37, 38, 39)” [91.5 (122, 142, 165) cm]. [91.5 (94, 96.5, 99) cm].


    ✅ 5 pattern repeats = 7″ [18 cm]; 12 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in the fan pattern of the bottom section. 20 stitches = 4″ [10 cm] in half double crochet, after blocking.


    The dress is made of two identical rectangular ones: back and front.

    Each rectangle is worked from the bottom edge up with a lace fan pattern. After the even section of the fan pattern is completed, it is worked in decrease along one edge to form the sloping top edge.

    A half double crochet is worked along the sloping edge to begin a bias section. Decreases are worked along one edge and increases along the other edge of the bias section. This creates a diagonal/slanted half double crochet section.

    Following the half double crochet section, work another section of the lace fan pattern. Decreases are worked along both edges of this fan pattern to accommodate the slope of the bias section and the shape of the top edge.

    The bias shape means that the pieces will lean slightly to one side until they are sewn. Once blocked and sewn, the dress will even out.

    Choose the size based on your hip measurement, whichever is larger.

    Crochet Slanted Texture Dress Pattern

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