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    Royal Crown Crochet Decoration FREE PATTERN

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    Either as a hanging decoration or hanging on the wall, this woven piece is a fantastic modern setting. Simple to do, it is a project that you will have ready in no time


    ✅ Soft Ecru – 4 balls.

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    ✅ Gancho de tamaño US K/10 1⁄2 (6.5 mm).

    ✅ 14″ [35.5 cm] metallic hoop.

    ✅ 2″ (5 cm) piece of cardboard for the tassels.

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    ✅ Optional: Spray starch.


    ✅ Piece measures approximately 22″ [56 cm] in diameter, excluding tassels.

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    ✅ 10 1⁄2 sc and 11 rows = 4″ [10 cm] with 2 strands of yarn fastened at a time.


    The crown is made with 2 strands of thread joined lengthwise, joining the thread with a slip stitch to the metal ring.

    Follow the stitch chart to correctly create your woven piece.

    Tassels (make 12): Using 2 strands of yarn together, wrap the yarn around the 2″ [5 cm] wide piece of cardboard 5 times. Break the thread leaving a long end and thread it through the needle. Pass the needle through all the loops and tie them tight.

    Remove the cardboard and wrap the yarn tightly around the loops 1/2″ [1 cm] below the fold. Hold good. Cut through the remaining loops and trim the ends evenly. Sew a tassel to every 3 chain space at the top of each petal.

    Optional: Drizzle with starch and let dry.

    Crochet Royal Crown Decoration Pattern

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