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    Mandala Trip Rug in Trapillo FREE PATTERN

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    Mandala trip rugs are a trend in home decoration that has become very popular in recent times. These rugs are designed with the intention of creating a relaxing and peaceful environment in any space where they are placed. In addition, they are an excellent option for those looking for an ecological and economical alternative to decorate their home.

    In this article, we will explore in depth the trend of mandala trip trapillo rugs, from its origin to how to create one on your own. We will also discuss some of the benefits these rugs offer, as well as some practical tips for caring for them and keeping them in perfect condition.

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    ✅ Thread colors of your choice.

    ✅ Hook matching your chosen yarn.

    ✅ Point markers (optional).

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    ✅ Thread needle.

    Mandala Trip Rug Pattern in Trapillo

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