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    Luli Cow Toy Amigurumi FREE PATTERN

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    “If you are looking for a fun and creative project to crochet, we present the free pattern of the Luli Cow Amigurumi Toy. This adorable knitted cow is the perfect companion for any boy or girl, and is the ideal gift for any occasion. 

    This detailed pattern will guide you through the steps necessary to create your own Vaca Luli, even if you are a beginner at knitting. With its amigurumi knit design and realistic details, such as its horns, spots, pouch, this knitted cow is a work of art in itself. 

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    The Luli Cow Amigurumi Toy is not only an adorable toy for little ones, but it is also a charming decorative object for any child’s room. In addition, it can be personalized to reflect the personality of the boy or girl who will receive it as a gift.

    This free pattern is a great opportunity to improve your knitting skills and create an amigurumi toy that will be a treasure for any boy or girl. With its attractive and realistic design, the Luli Cow Amigurumi Toy is a project that you cannot miss.

    Go ahead and knit your own Luli Cow and create a unique and adorable piece that will be appreciated for many years!” 

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    ✅ Am: Magic ring.

    ✅ Cad: Chain stitch.

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    ✅  Pb: Low point.

    ✅ Dec: Decrease.

    ✅ Inc: Increase in low point.

    ✅ BLO: Work only in the back loop of the piece.


    ✅ White, pink, light blue, red thread.

    ✅ Fiber for filling.

    ✅ Plastic eyes accessory.

    ✅ Scissors.


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