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    Limoni Doll Amigurumi Toy FREE PATTERN

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    With her sweet face, this doll is perfect for anyone who loves crochet and handmade toys. In this article, we offer you the free Lemon Doll pattern, with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos so you can make it at home. Get ready to fill your home with joy and color with this charming amigurumi creation!”


    FLO: Knit only in the front strands.

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    BLO: Knit only in the back strands.

    Dis: 2 single crochets together in the front strands (decrease).

    Inc: 2 single crochets in the same point (increment).

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    Inc-mpa: Half double crochet increase.

    Dis-mpa: Half double crochet decrease.

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    Dis-pa: High point decrease.

    V: Return.

    As: Padlock.

    Pe: Dwarf point.

    Pb: Low point.

    Mpa: Half double crochet.

    Pa: High point.

    P, ps: Point, points.


    Gancho of 2mm.

    Thread colors: Skin, yellow, light blue, green, white and a little bit of brown and for the eyes.

    Safety eyes (6mm) If you use a different thread, choose safety eyes of the appropriate size.

    A piece of silicone in a 6 cm stick.

    Needle, scissors and stitch markers.

    pink blush


    Arms (x2): Use the color you will use for the skin

    R1: 7 Pb in magic ring (7).

    V2 –V7: 7 Pb (7) changes to yellow in the last point of V7.

    V8: BLO 7 Pb.

    V9–V15: 7 Pb.

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