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    Large Tuna Nigiri Amigurumi FREE PATTERN

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    Japanese dishes are probably the most popular food around the world, and with this amigurumi tuna nigiri you will enjoy it to the fullest. This type of sushi is one of the most popular and acclaimed by the public. Do you want your own? Let’s get started! 


    ✅ V:  Return.

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    ✅ Pc:  Chain.

    ✅ Pb:  Low point.

    ✅ Aum:  Increase.

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    ✅ Dec:  Decrease.

    ✅  FLO:  Only on the front loop.

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    ✅ (…) x #:  Repeat what is indicated in parentheses the corresponding number of times.


    ✅  Chenille yarn in white and orange.

    ✅  8 mm gancho.

    ✅  Thread needle.

    ✅  Scissors.

    ✅  Point markers.

    ✅  Fiber filling.

    ✅  12 mm safety eyes.

    ✅  Black acrylic yarn for the mouth.


    Rice ball (in white)

    V1:  Make a magic ring and (pb) x 6. [6]

    V2: (Aum) x 6. [12]

    V3: (Pb, aum) x 6. [18]

    R4-9 (6 rows total):  Sc all around. [18]

    V10: (Pb, dism) x 6. [12]

    Fill. Insert the safety eyes 2 points on both sides from the center of the magic circle.

    V11: (Dism) x 6. [6]

    Fill it in again. He fastens and leaves a tail for sewing. With the thread needle, go through the FLO of each stitch and close the hole tightly [photo 1].

    Tune (in naranja color)

    R1:  Sc 10. Starting in the 2nd sc from the hook, sc in the next 9 stitches. Work along the bottom of the pc. Sc in the next 9 stitches. [18]

    R2-12 (11 rounds):  Sc all around. [18]

    Check that your sashimi is slightly longer on both edges when you place it on the rice ball. This may vary due to your tension. Modify it if necessary to make it longer.

    Don’t fill it out. Adjust it and leave a tail for sewing. Use your thread needle and go through the two loops on both edges to sew it closed. Use the rest of the glue to sew the piece to the rice ball.


    Use the tail of thread left over from the sashimi and sew it firmly to the top of the rice ball.

    Facial features

    Place the safety eyes where you want.

    With the needle and black thread, create a mouth. He buries the leftover tail. The possibilities are endless!



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