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    Salem Kitten Amigurumi Toy FREE PATTERN

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    Salem is a very special cat, not only because of her soft and fluffy coat, but also because of her unique personality. As an amigurumi, Salem is a perfect companion for those who love stuffed animals and animals. With her little pink nose, bright eyes, and short legs, Salem is a cat you can’t help but hug. Plus, the amigurumi design of it makes it an adorable decoration for any room. If you’re looking for a furry friend to make you smile, Salem is the perfect choice. Let’s get started! 

    Salem Kitten


    ✅ Pb: Low point.

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    ✅ Pc: Chain stitch.

    ✅ Pa: High point.

    ✅ BLO: Work only in the back loop of the piece.

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    ✅ FLO: Work only in the front loop of the piece.

    ✅ Pr: Flat/sliding point.

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    ✅ Aum: Increase.

    ✅ Dec: Decrease.


    ✅ Black, pink and green thread.

    ✅ Ganchillo of 4 mm.

    ✅ 10 mm safety eyes.

    ✅ 8 mm safety nose.

    ✅ Upholstery needle.

    ✅ Scissors.

    ✅ Filling.


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