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    FREE PATTERN Plush Raptor Dinosaur in Amigurumi

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    Hello everyone! Do you like amigurumi? Me! Today I’m sharing a free pattern to make a cute stuffed animal in amigurumi. This pattern is ideal for beginners as it includes detailed step by step and photographs to guide you through each step of the process. 

    Also, you can customize Rator in your own style and choose your own color of wool. I hope you enjoy making your own amigurumi bear and share your creations with me!

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    CURIOUS FACT! 👀 There is a great avidity for information about prehistoric animals and, for thousands of complex reasons, about dinosaurs in particular.

    And, for equally complex reasons, the meaning of the term “dinosaur” is often distorted by the general public to connote “any large animal that has been extinct for a long time and is known from remains.” fossils”.


    AM  – magic ring
    Ch  – chain
    Pc – slip stitch, slip stitch
    Sc  – single
    crochet Increase – increase in single crochet
    Dec – Decrease
    BLO – single crochet or rib single crochet taking only the back loop or single crochet by backloop
    Mpa  – single crochet treble or half double crochet
    V – round(s)

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    • 1.5 skeins of Himalaya Dolphin baby (or any other equivalent) light green
    • A small thread of a different color
    • Black thread to decorate the muzzle
    • Eyes in a secure mount (I have 16mm)
    • Hook
    • Needle to sew pieces together

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