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    FREE PATTERN Plush Brando the Dog Amigurumi

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    Welcome to our amigurumi tutorial! On this occasion, we will teach you how to make an adorable amigurumi dog, play ideal for its first months, safe and fun.

    It is very easy and very practical to do step by step. You can knit immediately during the day. You can knit the pattern of Brando the amigurumi dog for children and as a gift for newborns.

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    • LaVita yarn velur: a skein of the main color and a little more. You can use any analogue of terry yarn, where in 100 g / 120 m.
    • YarnArt black jeans for muzzle and nose decoration
    • Stuffing
    • Eyes 12 mm
    • Hook No4 to knit a toy, No2 to knit a beak
    • Sewing pins
    • Scissors
    • Needle to sew details and embroider the face
    • Thick thread for details of sewing
    • Knitting needles to fix the head
    • Marker to mark the beginning of the row


    AM – magic ring
    Sc – single crochet
    Inc – increase in single
    crochet Dec – Decrease
    Ch – chain
    Mpa – half double crochet or half double crochet
    Pc – slip stitch, slip stitch
    Ch(s) – chain(s) (Hold the hook with your right hand and pass the string from the ball over your left index finger. Hold the end of the slipknot between the thumb and middle finger of your left hand. With your left index finger, wrap the string from back to front around the shaft Use the hook to pull the yarn through the loop on the hook: a chain is now made.)

    • The size of the finished amigurumi dog toy is approximately 29-30 cm.

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    Ears (Make 2)

    V 1. 8 pb en AM
    V 2. 8 aum (16)
    V 3. (1 pb, aum)*8 (24)
    V 4. (2 pb, aum)*8 (32)
    V 5-7. 32 (3 filas)
    V 8. (6 pb, dism)*4 (28)
    V 9. 28 pb
    V 10. (5 pb, dism)*4 (24)
    V 11. 24 pb
    V 12. (4 pb, dism)*4 (20)
    V 13. 20 pb
    V 14. (3 pb, dism)*4 (16)
    V 15. 16 pb
    V 16. (2 pb, dism)*4 (12)
    V 17. 12 pb

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    Fold in half, knit 6 sc for two loops together. Fix and cut the thread.

    Amigurumi Stuffed Dog PDF Free Pattern Ear

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