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    FREE PATTERN Deer Maral Amigurumi step by step

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    The Maral Amigurumi Deer is a craft project that will allow you to create a unique and adorable toy for kids and adults alike . This free pattern will give you step-by-step instructions to knit a life-size maral deer with a detailed and realistic design.

    The maral deer is an iconic animal of Asia and is known for its distinctive impressive antlers. By knitting this amigurumi toy, you’ll be creating a unique and original piece that will make an adorable addition to any toy collection.

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    In addition, amigurumi is a crochet technique that allows you to create three-dimensional toys and figures, which makes it a fun and challenging project. If you want to add an amigurumi maral deer to your toy collection or make a special gift, be sure to try this free pattern.


    • 2.5mm hook
    • Wool needle
    • Pins
    • Scissors
    • Stitch marker
    • For the eyes: black embroidery thread
    • For the nose: black embroidery thread or a safety eye (oval) 6×5 mm
    • Optional: shiny gold thread
    • Fiberfill


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    • Norli Lana Little Woorli (Hazel) for body, head, arms and ears
    • Norli Lana Little Woorli (Café Latte) for antlers and details
    • Katia Concept Mohair Cotton (Gris Pierre 77) for the neck

    Note:  The result depends on the thickness of the thread size of your hook. You can adjust the size of your hook according to the way you work: if you knit tight, use the recommended hook or larger. But if you generally crochet rather loosely, use a smaller size hook. The use of the recommended threads in this pattern allows you to obtain a result similar to the basic model.

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    AM – magic ring
    Sc – single crochet
    Ch – chain
    Sc – slip stitch, slip stitch
    Mpa – half double crochet or half double crochet
    Pa – double crochet or double crochet
    Inc – increase in single crochet
    Dec – Decrease
    BLO – half crochet or single crochet rib taking only the back loop or single crochet by backloop

    Ears (x2)

    Rnd 1. 6 sc in HS (6)
    Rnd 2. 1sc, 1 inc x 3 (9)
    Rnd 3. 1sc in each (9)
    Rnd 4. 2sc, 1 inc x 3 (12)
    Rnd 5. 3sc, 1 inc x 3 (15)
    R 6-8. 1 sc in each (15)
    R 9. 7 dec, 1 sc to last st (18)
    Fasten off and leave a long tail.

    Horns (x2)

    Part 1
    Rnd 1. 5sc in HS (5)
    Rnd 2. 1 inc, 4sc (6)
    Rnd 3-4. 1 sc in each (6) cut the thread
    Part 2
    R 1. 5 sc in HS (5)
    R 2. 1 sc in each (5)
    R 3. 1 inc, 4 sc in (6)
    R 4-5. 1 sc in each (6) cut the thread
    Part 3
    R 1. 5 sc in HS (5)
    R 2. 1 sc in each (5)
    R 3. 1 inc, 4 sc in (6)
    R 4-6. 1 sc in each (6) do not cut the thread
    Take part 1 and part 3 and connect them with 1 sc (this is the first stitch of round 7)
    R 7. 1 sc in each (12)
    R 8. 1 sc, 1 dec x 4 (8)
    V 9-11. 1 sc in each (8)
    Take part 2 and part 3 and connect them with 1 sc (this is the first stitch of round 12)
    Attention: make sure parts 1 and 2 are facing each other.
    Rnd 12. 1sc in each (14)
    Rnd 13. 1sc, 1 dec x 4, 2sc (10)
    Rnd 14. 3sc, 1 dec x 2 (8)
    Rnd 15. 1sc in each (8)
    Bind off and leave a long tail .

    Let’s knit the necklace of the amigurumi toy


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