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    FREE PATTERN Cute Lemur Toy Amigurumi

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    Create in the fantastic art of crochet, your own adorable and charming lemur amigurumi with a look that will make everyone who sees it fall in love. Very easy to work with, it’s a fantastic project to add to your knitted toy collection


    ❇️ AM: Magic ring.

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    ❇️ Pb: Low point.

    ❇️ Aum: Increase in low point.

    ❇️ Dec: Decrease.

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    ❇️ Pvd: Double crochet point.

    ❇️ Pt: Period.

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    ❇️ Pa: High point or vareta point.

    ❇️ Mpa: Half high point or half double crochet.

    ❇️ Pc: dwarf point, low point.

    ❇️ Cad: Chain.

    ❇️ FLO: Half point or ribbed low point taking only the front strand.

    ❇️ BLO: Half point or ribbed low point taking only the back loop or low point through the back loop.

    ❇️ V: Return



    ❇️ White thread.

    ❇️ Pink thread.

    ❇️ 3.5 mm size hook.

    ❇️ 25 mm safety eyes.

    ❇️ Plastic safety nose.

    ❇️ Point marker.

    ❇️ Fine thread or wool to the tone of wool for sewing details.

    ❇️ Tapestry needle.

    ❇️ Scissors.

    ❇️ Fiber filling.


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