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    FREE PATTERN Crochet Garden Slippers

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    Create beautiful and comfortable slippers to walk comfortably inside the house and not feel uncomfortable wearing tight shoes. Their design with a floral motif makes them an ideal garment for interiors. Let’s do it!

    Materials _

    • Color Navy Blue. Tallas de pie 35/37 (100g). 38/40 (150g). 41/43 (150g).
    • Color Goldenrod. Tallas de pie 35/37 (50g). 38/40 (50g). 41/43 (50g).
    • Color Pomegranate. Tallas of magpie 35/37 (50g). 38/40 (50g). 41/43 (50g).
    • Color Light Blue. Tallas de pie 35/37 (50g). 38/40 (50g). 41/43 (50g).
    • Color Medium Pink. Tallas de pie 35/37 (50g). 38/40 (50g). 41/43 (50g).
    • Hook size 4mm.


    • Foot length: 22-24-27 cm.


    • 17 double crochets in width and 20 vertical rows: 10 x 10 cm.

    Crochet Garden Slippers Pattern

    Bottom Piece:
    Work back and forth along one of the sides marked A in the diagram as follows:
    Start with 1 double crochet around the corner, work 1 double crochet in each double crochet and 1
    double crochet around each chain stitch along the side of the square, finish with 1 double crochet around the next corner = 17 treble crochets. REMEMBER THE TENSION OF CROCHET!
    Work double crochets back and forth over these stitches for 5-6-7 cm (turn each row with 1 chain stitch). Cut and fasten the thread.
    Repeat along the other side of the square marked A. Then sew these parts together halfway under the foot – sew in the front loop of the last row with double crochets to avoid a thick seam in the middle of the part. bottom of foot

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    Heel Piece:

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