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    FREE PATTERN Crochet Bread Basket

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    Create a beautiful basket ideal for those days of family lunches or to give it a different use by carrying out this crochet pattern. Its elegant and formal structure gives a unique touch to the piece. 

    Materials _

    ❇️ Ecrubeige color, 2 balls [45g].

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    ❇️ Hooks of the following sizes: 2.3mm, 2.5mm and 3mm.


    Diameter before steam lock: 40 cm.

    Diameter after steam lock: 36 cm.

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    Basket body: Work the magic ring to start, then work the first motif. Starting with the second motif, join it in the last round. See the diagram for details on how to join the pentagonal and hexagonal motifs.

    Note: Once you have finished the first 7 motifs, lightly iron them before continuing.

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    Finishing: Work 1 round of edges. Place the basket over a bowl or something similar in shape (24cm outside diameter), then lock out the shape with the steam iron.

    Crochet Lunch Basket Pattern

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