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    FREE PATTERN Crochet Bloom Pillow

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    You can make a solid textured pillow and decorate it with flowers and leaves to create your own flower garden. Recreate it in the colors that best match your interior design! Let’s do it! 


    PC: Chain.

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    P: High point.

    Pb: Low point.

    Pr: Slip stitch/Slip stitch.

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    Points: Points.

    Mpa: Half double crochet.

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    Tr: double treble crochet.

    aterials _

    Main Color (CP), Natural 50g.

    Color Spring Green.

    Color Ice.

    Coral color.

    Color Deep Coral.

    Color Yellow Rose.

    Color Sage.

    Chocolate color.

    Color Sand.

    Hooks of the sizes of 3.5 mm for the pillow and 3.00 mm for the leaves and flowers.

    17″ pillow.

    Upholstery needle.

    Removable stitch marker.

    Matching sewing thread.


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