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    FREE PATTERN Creative Spotlights in Amigurumi

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    Hello everyone! Do you like amigurumi? Me! Today I’m sharing a free pattern to make creative spotlights in amigurumis. This pattern is ideal for beginners as it includes a detailed step by step to guide you through each stage of the process. 💡🔥💡

    In addition, you can customize it in a creative way and choose your own color of wool. I hope you enjoy making your own amigurumi bear and share your creations with me!

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    Pb: Low point.

    PC: Chain stitch.

    Points: Points.

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    Pr: Slip stitch/Slip stitch.

    Am: Magic ring.

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    Aum: Increase.

    Decrease: Decrease.

    BLO: Back loop.

    FLO: Front loop.

    Round: Turn.


    ❇️ Yellow Color 15 g.

    ❇️Color Plata 10g.

    ❇️ Small amount of black thread to embroider.

    ❇️ Recommended hook size: 2.5mm.

    ❇️ Safety eyes: 8mm x 2. Safety eyes are not recommended for small children. As an alternative, the eyes can be embroidered with black thread.

    ❇️ Stuffed with the toy.

    ❇️ Tapestry needle to build and embroidery.

    ❇️ Point marker.

    ❇️ Scissors.


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