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    FREE PATTERN Coraline Doll Toy Amigurumi

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    Create Coraline Jones, a girl who discovers a secret door in her new house and enters an alternate reality that mirrors her in many ways. In a beautiful amigurumi fabric, she will undoubtedly make a resistant and striking doll.


    AM: Magic ring.

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    C: Cadena or Cadeneta.

    V: back.

    OM: Skip points.

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    PB: Low point.

    PM: Midpoint or half double crochet.

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    PS: Slip or dwarf stitch.

    INC: Low Point Increment.

    INC3: Increase of 3 points.

    DIS: Low point decrease.

    DIS3: Decrease of 3 closed stitches.

    BLO: Stitch taken from the back loop.


    ❇️ Cotton 8/3 (fine cotton) in skin, dark blue, medium blue, yellow, orange, pink, light brown, dark brown.

    ❇️ Ganchillo of 1.2mm.

    ❇️ 8mm safety eyes.

    ❇️ Wire or pipe cleaner.

    ❇️ Silicone fleece.

    ❇️ Fake eyelashes.

    ❇️ Blush or pastel chalk.


    Arms (x2) With skin color

    1) AM, 6PB [6]

    2) (2PB, INC)x2 [8]

    3-4) 8PB (2 rounds) [8] Change to pink

    5) BLO (3PB, INC)x2 [10]

    6) 10PB [10] Change to orange color

    7-8) 10PB (2 rounds) [10] Change to pink

    9-10) 10PB (2 laps) [10] Change to orange

    11-12) 10PB (2 laps) [10] Change to pink

    13-14) 10PB (2 laps) [10] Change to orange

    15-16) 10PB (2 rounds) [10]

    Cut and finish. Insert pipe cleaners or wire into the arms if you like.

    Legs (x2) Start with brown

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