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    FREE PATTERN Bunny Basket for Crochet Decoration

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    Decorate your little ones room in a great and creative way with the Bunny Kawaii crochet basket, your children will love having it in their favorite play spaces!

    Level: Beginner

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    Crochet Hook: 2.5mm and 7mm
    Sewing Pins, Black Embroidery
    Thread, Sewing Thread, Sewing Needle Yarn
    Light Turquoise Ribbon (#11) – 1 ball
    Garn: Rainbow Cotton 8/4
    White (#01) – 1 ball
    Purple (#39) – 1 skein
    Pink (#45) – 1 ball
    Light Turquoise (#34) – 1 ball

    Tip to make the Bunny Kawaii crochet basket!

    Attach a stitch marker or safety pin to the first stitch so you can keep track of where you started the round.


    sc: low point

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    am: magic ring

    aum: increase

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    dec: decrease

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