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    FREE PATTERN Bib with Crochet Chick Design

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    Welcome to our crochet tutorial! On this occasion, we will show you a cute bib, give him a little baby, an anti-disaster cape while he eats, knitting for him this beautiful bib in the shape of a chick that will undoubtedly be spectacular to see him using it. His yellow color and cute features will undoubtedly make meals a funnier moment.


    PC: Chain stitch.

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    Pb: Low point.

    Pa: High point.

    Pr: Slip stitch/Slip stitch.

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    Pto: Period.

    Mpa: Half double crochet.

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    aterials _

    ❇️ Yellow Color, 100 yards of main color.

    ❇️ Small amounts of contrast colors for facial features.

    ❇️ Hook H/5.50 mm

    ❇️ 1″ button.

    ❇️ 1/4 yard cotton terry cloth for lining (optional).

    ❇️ Yarn needle to weave the ends.


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