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    FREE PATTERN Bear in Pajamas Amigurumi

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    Learn to knit an amigurumi bear in pajamas with this free pattern! Amigurumi is a Japanese crochet technique that consists of weaving small animal or character toys. This Teddy Bear in Pajamas is perfect for beginners as it is easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Follow this pattern and you’ll have your very own amigurumi pajama bear in no time. Enjoy!


    1. Plush yarn, about 0.5 balls of each color (+/- better to have in stock).
    2. Strong thread to tighten and decorate the muzzle.
    3. Crochet Size: 3mm.
    4. 16mm trapezoidal eyes.
    5. Filling.
    6. Needle to sew pieces.
    7. Bookmark.

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    • The size of the finished teddy bear will be 22.23 cm.


    AM – magic ring
    sc – single
    crochet inc- increase in single
    crochet dec- Decrease
    ch –
    chain pc- slip stitch, slip stitch
    mpa – half double crochet or half double crochet
    dc – double crochet or double crochet
    BLO- half double crochet or single crochet Rib taking only the back loop or single crochet by backloop

    lower legs

    We start extra color.
    1) 7 sc in HS
    2) 7 inc (14)
    3) (1 sc, inc)*7 (21)
    4-6) 21 sc (21) (3 rows)
    7) 6 sc, 5 dec, 5 sc ( 16)
    8) 5 sc, 3 dec, 5 sc (13)
    9) 13 pc.
    Change to the color of the pajamas.
    10) 13 bp for the BLO of the column.
    11-12) 13 sc (13) (2 rows)
    Firmly fill only the bottom of the foot!
    13) dec, 11 sc (12)
    14) (1 sc, dec)*4 (8)
    15) 8 sc.
    We fold in half and weave 4 sc for both walls of the piece. We cut the thread and fasten it. We tie them.

    PDF Amigurumi Bear In Pajamas Free Pattern Legs

    upper legs

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